Workshop Results

Thank you to all the wonderful participants who came and played with us at Stanford in February 2015!  We had a great time and were totally blown away by the creativity and energy everyone brought to the workshop.

Masks Brainstorm Dancing

We focused on low-tech protoyping during the workshop, emphasizing the design of playful interactions over technical achievement.  The tech platform we provided were Makey Makey boards, a simple system for connecting physical circuit building with digital input.  By default, a Makey Makey can output up, down, left, right, space and click commands, which is enough for many simple web games.  Some participants also created their own basic software as well, using the visual programming environment Scratch.

Scratch Makey Makey

Most of the design work went into thinking about to create circuits on and across the bodies and clothing of the game players, using alligator clips and conductive fabric.  Teams of participants created playful versions of Simon Says and Tetris, adaptations of hand-jive and color matching games, and some original dancing & head-butt-based interactions.

Head Butt Simon Says

Color Matching Tetris

Hand Jive Animal Dancing

Check out the Flickr album for more photos and videos of each of the prototypes:

We also produced a quick & dirty poster following the workshop: TEI Studio Poster